Memorial jewelry- The token of love

Memorial jewelry, as the name suggests, in loving memory of beloved ones. It is similar to any other jewelry, but, the difference is it is filled with ashes of your beloved one in their memory. The concept is so very special that the jewelry you will carry will contain real ashes of your loved ones and you will always feel their existence around you. Apart from this, the personalized designs are the thing that makes your jewelry’s looks more elegant. There are various types of memorial jewelry like cremation jewelry, cremation diamonds, fingerprint jewelry etc.

Cremation jewelry again contains a tiny compartment that includes cremated remaining in it. One should be careful while choosing a cremated jewelry and should not try retrofitting existing jewelry into a cremated one.

Memorial jewelry available in all types

You have multiple themes, size and shapes for memorial jewelry. Be it a ring, charm bracelet, necklace, crosses or any other items, all are available easily. In addition to it you can personalize your memorial jewelry as it could be different for a man to that of a woman. You can personalize them by engraving texts, name, initials, photos, signatures, fingerprint etc. of your beloved ones in it. The concept is very pleasing as you are giving someone a token of their loved ones now departed, but, still alive in their thoughts and will always be.  What makes it more beautiful is it looks like a regular jewelry and you can wear it always without anyone knowing it.


Memorial jewelries and cremated jewelries have been so popular these days as people like this concept and can keep their personalized jewelry of departed ones with the stylish and classy design and can carry it elegantly as a regular jewelry. There are number of jewelers available that provide you with your choice of memorial jewelry.

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