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Choosing the Perfect Necklaces for Ashes

Although one cannot think of it until and unless they themselves pass through it, but everybody has to say good bye to their loved one. What matters most then is something that will remind you of the loved one and memorial jewelry like necklaces for ashes is just a perfect item that can be comforting for you. Whether you chose simple pendants for ashes or special cremation necklaces they will always remind you of the special person you have lost.

While choosing them you will get a wide range of choice to choose from.


The jewelry piece must have a urn where you can keep the ashes and generally it is the pendant. The rest is chain. You will get a wide number of choices that ranges from plain chains to special designed chains. They can be made up of gold, silver or white bronze.


As you are about the choose pendants for ashes the shape of the pendant is most important. You will get various types of cremation pendants with different designs such as cylinders, flowers, butterflies, heart, crosses, animals, teardrops and others.

You will also get pendant with letter shape. You can choose one with the initial of the name of your loved one. Or if they loved sports you can choose of pendant of say football design. What you must remember that the pendant must be able to hold ashes so it must have that capacity.


The color of your cremation jewelry will depend upon the metal that you choose your chain and pendant to be. You can also get a wide range of choice when it comes to the pendant and some of them are very colorful. Depending upon your choice you can choose a color that goes best with your style.

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