About Us

Hello & Welcome to the Necklace for Ashes Website, the hub of all sorts of modern cremation jewelry items. We take pride in our young yet experienced designers who design each piece of cremation jewelry with passion and care. When making these exquisite designs they make use of the most recent tools, techniques and trends, so each piece of jewelry they come up with is an extraordinary masterpiece.

These tempting cremation jewelry products are 100% local and authentic, and designed entirely locally. All look stunning and eye-enticing, but there’s subtle difference between every two items making sure everybody can get an item as per their personal taste.

Next big thing is the ‘size & shape’ of the urns and chains. Adjustable chains and perfectly shaped urns, so you carry the ashes of your beloved one closest to your heart and relish the comfort of wearing it.

We are on the mission to provide our customers with something unique and special, so they can enjoy wearing these cremation jewelry items for their cherished family member or beloved pet for the rest of their life. We have over 15 years of real-time industry experience under our belt, so you will love what you will get.

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